Bartow Plan Virtual Workshop
Sep 24, 6:00 PM
Zoom Webinar (Online)
A Zoom Meeting hosted by the Community Solutions Group to discuss the "Bartow Plan" master plan process and initial findings. Join us and share your thoughts and ideas for Bartow Plan.

About the project

The City of Bartow is interested in undertaking a Master Planning effort that is both Citywide, as well as targeted around several key focus areas. One of the key drivers for the project is the relationship and possibilities for downtown, the adjacent residential neighborhoods, connective corridors and the expanded suburban growth areas, with a desire for increased employment / job growth while enhancing overall community character.

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We appreciate your involvement in defining the Bartow that you want to see! Your perspectives will help us decide what to invest in. We value your time and your ideas, because they will .

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Blake Drury, AICP

Director of Planning and Urban Design

Tom Kohler

Senior Director of Economic and Real Estate Services

Andrew McCown, AICP

Urban Planner and Project Manager of Bartow Plan

Carmen Rasnick, MBA CNU-A

Urban Planner

Wes Shaffer, AICP

Urban Planner 

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